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Having fallen more than 86% from its peak in 2018, cruise line company Carnival Corporation (CCL -0.10%) has endured a difficult couple of years along with the rest of the travel industry as a result of the pandemic. However, easing COVID-19 restrictions combined with pent-up travel demand could provide just the boost this cruise line stock needs.

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Carnival stock's performance is reflective of the industry as a whole and as the company's position as the industry leader. Prior to the global pandemic, cruise industry growth was clicking along at a rate of 6.8% per year. Carnival's closest competitors are Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line.

COVID-19 was a major blow to the cruise industry in particular with passenger volume initially plunging 80%. Customers willing to cruise during the pandemic were subject to stringent vaccination and mask requirements, which didn't help repeat business. To make matters worse, fears of being trapped for weeks on a quarantined cruise ship weighed heavily on demand. Many would-be travelers couldn't see themselves booking a cruise during this time.

Amidst all of these headwinds, Carnival also must contend with the negative impact its ships have on the environment. The U.S. Department of Justice has fined Princess Cruises more than $60 million since 2017 for violating environmental regulations. Long term, Carnival has committed to halving its emissions by 2030 with a net-zero emission goal by 2050.

The company also restarted 20 ships in second quarter. In late June, CFO David Bernstein noted that 91% of the company's fleet was operational. And demand for Carnival's cruise offerings in the latter half of 2022 has been remarkably high, at levels which outpace even 2019 bookings. Due to this "tremendous pent-up demand," as CEO Arnold Donald describes it, the company saw almost twice the bookings in the second quarter as it did in the first.

And with cash from operations now turning positive, Carnival seems to have changed course in the right direction. With its more efficient and streamlined fleet, nearly a quarter of it being brand new ships, the company forecasts a return to profitability along with a return on its fleet-improving investments.

A notable tailwind for the cruise industry came last month when the CDC stopped tracking COVID-19 cases on cruise ships. As a result, Carnival began loosening its COVID-19 procedures, dropping its pre-vaccine requirement and pre-cruise testing for vaccinated guests on most voyages.

A cruise ship drink package is often referred to as an unlimited beverage package. All packages are priced as per person, per day. When electing to purchase a drink package, you have to pay for the entire length of the cruise, not just select days.

Unless you are on a luxury cruise line, the one item that is NOT covered is alcoholic beverages. If you are looking for a more all-inclusive experience, then you should consider purchasing a cruise ship drink package.

Of course, some exclusions do apply. With a cruise line beverage package, guests are entitled to purchase all beer, wine and champagne by the glass, and cocktails and spirits up to a certain dollar amount in all venues around the ship. This dollar amount does vary by cruise line but usually includes all the standard cruise drinks. If you enjoy a certain brand of wine or a high end spirit, you should check the inclusions of the package before purchasing. Further, drinks in souvenir glasses and bottles of alcohol are not included.

No one likes getting a bar tab at the end of the night, nevermind getting a bar tab after seven nights at your favorite watering hole. You can avoid sticker shock by purchasing a cruise ship drink package.

You can save anywhere from 10-30% off the onboard rates of these packages when you get a drink package pre-cruise. For instance, Carnival always offers 10% off onboard prices when you pre-purchase the Cheers package. Other cruise lines often run sales and promotions on cruise planner items like drink packages.

If you time the purchase of your cruise right, you might score a cruise ship drink package for free. Cruise lines often give incentives to purchase certain room categories or run promotions that include free beverage packages as a perk for booking. Some travel agents also provide similar offers.

Depending on the cruise line and beverage package you purchase, drink packages can also include bottled water, specialty coffees like lattes and cappuccinos, soda, and other non-alcoholic beverages. These beverages are in addition to your adult beverages. Because sometimes, you need to take a break or just rehydrate!

On our cruises, we always complete an analysis to determine if the cruise ship drink package was worth it. We track all of our beverages consumed over the course of the week, including all of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Then, we take the average prices for each drink category to determine how much we would have spent on drinks if we paid a la carte for each item. // <![CDATA[ (function(d, s, id) var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = " "; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); (document, "script", "aweber-wjs-z2z56i6ju"));<br /> // ]]>

Do you usually buy a cruise ship drink package? What are your reasons for purchasing a beverage package when on vacation? Drop us an anchor below to tell us about your experiences with these different packages.

Going on Island Princess to Alaska for cruisetour pkg.What about excursions and private tours etc. I hear they are cheaper. First time on Princess Cruiseline we have a mini suite. Have you been to Alaska on Princess ? What did you love and what to forget . Thanks for all the great info !

Similar to salon services, spa treatments like massages are pricey on a cruise. When I compared the price of masseuses at home, the cost of a massage and other spa treatments was, in my view, overpriced.

Several years ago, most major cruise lines included room service in the price of a cruise. However, now many cruise lines now charge a fee for room service and delivery. At about $8 per order, room service is an extra expense that is best avoided.

Make sure to pack first aid items and medicines from home. Cruise ships will sell small quantities of pain reliever, band-aids and other pharmaceutical items, however it will be both overpriced and the selection will be small.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and so is the price that you may pay for a print, lithograph or other work of art on a cruise. Some people will say that an art auction is the biggest waste of money (and time) on a cruise. Still others, are proud to be collectors.

If you can do without internet during your cruise, you can save money by simply waiting to go online in a cruise port. As well, some cruise lines, like Princess Cruises, do have more reasonably priced internet plans.

In this video I share more things that may be overpriced and even a waste of money on a cruise. If you enjoy cruise tips, cruise vlogs and cruise related content, check out my YouTube channel and subscribe ?

Happy 6oth birthday!! Uggh this last year has been frustrating, but the good part is that all future celebrations on board will be even more special. I hope you have a wonderful time on your next cruise!

Cruise Critic is a cruise-focused website that features reviews, tips, and advice to a huge community of cruisers. The Cruise Critic forums provide a place to ask questions, give advice, and get help booking your next cruise.

Cruisewatch is another metasearch engine and OTA that focuses solely on cruises. It monitors over 25,000 cruises and combines that information with price history and reviews to help you choose the best cruise at the best price. You can see price predictions for your selected itinerary and set up alerts that will email you whenever the cruise you selected drops in price.

Hot Tip: When booking a cruise through an OTA, be sure to use one of the best travel credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve because it earns 3x Ultimate Rewards points on cruises purchased from any website or travel agency.

Bottom Line: When you choose to book your cruise through United Cruises, you can either earn United MileagePlus miles on your purchase, or you can pay for your cruise using your United MileagePlus miles.

Bottom Line: When you book a cruise through Marriott Bonvoy, you can pay for your cruise with points or you can choose to pay cash (I mean, credit card!) and earn Marriott Bonvoy points on your purchase.

Travelocity is a website that many travelers use to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and cruises. The simple interface and the fact that there are no booking fees will make this a good choice for many travelers.

Another option I have found is to start with through befrugal, then link through to Expedia. befrugal will provide cash back of 6% (only on the cruise, not on the taxes) after the cruise is complete. I have also done it with priceline this way, but they are currently only paying 4%.

I am surprised you did not mention Although not a booking site, it does provide an opportunity for travel agents to obtain your business. It is a great site for getting the best deal for a specific cruise.

Travel insurance for cruises, sometimes also referred to as cruise insurance, is typically worth it when you consider how it can help. Not only can travel insurance for cruises help protect the money you spent for your trip if you have to cancel or come home early for a covered reason, but it can also help with medical expenses if you get sick or hurt while away from home on a cruise.

If you plan to get off the ship for land excursions during your cruise, confirm whether the countries hosting your stops require travel insurance for international visitors. Some destinations now require travel insurance with COVID coverage. Even if travel insurance is not required for entry, you may find that having it in case of emergencies gives you the confidence to enjoy your trip more fully. 041b061a72


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