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Hand Shapes for Engagement Rings For Couples We'll help you choose!

Do you not know where to begin in choosing the perfect engagement wedding ring? Let the shape of your partner's hand lead you! How? This article will explain!

It's decided: you want to ask your love of your life to marry you. You want to do it with class or, at least, with the perfect engagement ring! So, in addition to the excitement, the worry of picking the wrong ring begins to creep in, ending up disappointing your partner.

Do not worry, in the following paragraphs you will find all the information you need to make the best purchase based on a fundamental factor: the shape of your hands. Wide, long, thin, large, small, with knuckles that have been marked or soft fingers... There are a lot of options and options when it comes to choosing a special jewel as you will be taking your special someone to the altar.

The importance of the shape of the hands for selecting the Couple Jewelry Sets

Fashion rules are based on harmony and equilibrium, which is important to appear our best. A rings that are too thin might disappear when worn on large fingers or, on the other hand rings with an enormous precious stone could be too flashy and awkward on smaller hands with tapered fingers. Let's just say that the middle path is always the best choice!

How can we study the form of the hands

To determine the best engagement ring, you should first determine whether your partner's hand is short or long. It might seem insignificant but it's the most important factor to a successful engagement.

If you're trying to figure out how to interpret this you can take a look at the height of your palm and then the middle finger height. If the middle finger is taller than the first, it will be a long-hand. Otherwise, it'll be short-hand. How do you avoid getting caught? You could play with your partner's hands by telling them that you want determine which one of you has the biggest hands, in this manner, between jokes and quips you'll surely be able to get at least the approximate measurements!

Small and proportionate hands Simple and elegant hands

Engagement rings, eternity rings, and rivieres are a great way to enhance the feminine appearance of small and thin hands! The selection of a ring is in fact dependent on a game of proportions. It is easy to see, therefore, that, for example large squares or bands on fingers that aren't long will make the overall hand appear bulky when it isn't! Additionally, it is recommended to choose simple rings without too many ornaments or stones of significant importance. Solitaires aren't prohibited, however, the size must be considered!

Hands that are extended with piano fingers: no restrictions!

A slim hand form with elongated fingers offers the possibility of a wide range of engagement ring. People with this type of hand can afford any kind of jewelry, as per a popular phrase. You can narrow your search by taking a few factors into consideration. First of all, evaluate your partner's tastes and try to determine what he is looking for. If you know, for instance, that he likes to show his pianist's finger so focus your focus on the thin, delicate rings that will only enhance this remarkable quality.

If you notice that your child hides his fingers because he thinks they are too long and thin, then choose simple rings that don't attract attention. Do not wear rings with a large or complex style, but yes to rings with a distinct size that can change the proportions of your fingers.

Stones are always welcomed and are perfect for hands with a refined look. Even colored stones can be used in the event that your partner has an outgoing personality or prefers to keep things low-key.

Rings for large and important fingers Consider a middle-way

The use of minimal rings which are tinier is not recommended for hands with a lot of weight. In fact the smaller size will only emphasise the size of finger of the wearer. Be careful with solitaires, that if they're too small, can cause the same effect as mentioned above however if they're too large, will still make the impression of being excessive and oversize.

Instead, you should focus on white gold rings with diamonds. Even colored stones aren't an ideal idea.

Rings for short and square fingers

The beautiful and significant rings are perfect for small fingers. The elegant design of the jewel can diminish the childish appearance of these fingers. Therefore, the classic solitaire is also perfect with moderate-sized stones. Avoid excessive size but keep in mind that they are still tiny hands A stone that is too big would in fact be excessive.

If the fingers are "chubby"?

To avoid the soft appearance of the fingers, we suggest you choose a hefty model, with an average thickness of 6 millimeters, perhaps with an asymmetrical design. In this instance, it is essential to consider the size of the diameter of the engagement ring that must be a perfect fit to avoid the awe-inspiring "sausage effect" which could cause disappointment to the person who will wear it.

Hands in shape with prominent fingers and knuckles

Your partner has a shape of the hands with pronounced Knuckles, an attribute of his hands that he doesn't particularly like. In this case, to ensure a successful purchase the first thing to consider is thinking carefully about the diameter of the ring. It should be large enough to fit over the knuckle that is prominent but not too large to not "dance" when worn. In terms of design an engagement ring with an average-sized stone is the best option to ensure that attention is paid to the stone rather than the knuckle: whoever receives it will appreciate the attention!

These tips on how to choose the ring for engagement based on the shape of the hands have been helpful, but to make the right decision, you must also be aware of her personality and style, as well as any wishes expressed more or less subtly. Let yourself be guided by your intuition... but not too much!


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