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Buy Sell Sports Memorabilia

Football team apparel & souvenirs: Popular apparel includes NFL jerseys, NFL jackets, and NFL hats and even subtle NFL key chains, NFL watches, and NFL pins. Buyers are also looking for décor such as team banners, flags, signs, and car accessories, NFL lithographs, NFL posters, NFL pennants, NFL photos featuring players such as Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, and Tom Brady, and Super Bowl memorabilia. Of course, the world of football fan gear encompasses other leagues and fans of the CFL, XFL, and NCAA football apparel and souvenirs .

buy sell sports memorabilia

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Baseball team apparel & souvenirs: From souvenir baseball bats and batting helmets to bobbleheads, you can step up to the plate and sell your Major League Baseball apparel and souvenirs, NCAA baseball souvenirs, Negro League memorabilia, or Minor-League baseball apparel and souvenirs. Fan favorites include MLB jerseys, MLB t-shirts, MLB baseball caps, and souvenir pins and buttons that commemorate opening day at the ballpark, playoff games, All Star Games, and World Series games. Also popular are MLB team key chains and MLB watches for him, or MLB jewelry for her. For a blast from the past, try selling throwback jerseys, autographed jerseys, game-worn jerseys, vintage baseball photos, prints, posters, and publications.

Wrestling fan apparel & souvenirs: You can roll with the big boys by selling your WWE apparel and souvenirs, including original and replica championship wrestling belts, wrestling promo photos of WWE superstars such as Hulk Hogan, John Cena or Mick Foley, and WWE Classic action figures. Serious collectors are in search of rare WWE memorabilia such as original ringside pay-per-view chairs or Lazortron masks. Souvenir WWE publications, videos, and WWE shirts are also popular. Also popular on eBay are any college wrestling apparel and souvenirs and Olympic wrestling memorabilia.

Tennis fan apparel & souvenirs: Pro tennis players such as Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi, Lindsay Davenport, and Maria Sharapova captivate fans with their presence and skill. But the ball's in your court when it comes to selling tennis apparel and tennis souvenirs from prestigious events such as the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, or Wimbledon Championships. Buyers are looking for original and reproduction tennis memorabilia from tennis superstars such as Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Jennifer Capriati, Steffi Graf, Chris Evert, and Martina Navratilova as well.

Boxing memorabilia: Boxing fans of all ages want to remember special moments in the ring from events such as the Golden Gloves, Olympic boxing matches, or famous middleweight and heavyweight bouts with boxing photos, boxing posters, and boxing programs. Other popular boxing souvenirs feature legends such as John L. Sullivan and Muhammad Ali, Olympic boxing gold medalists Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Frazier, handsome middleweight Oscar De La Hoya, and heavyweight champs such as Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Joe Louis, and the controversial Mike Tyson.

When selling a rare item that is potentially worth a lot, it may be worthwhile to get your item appraised and authenticated. Authenticating your Sports Memorabilia not only provides you with a good estimate on expected sale price, but it also builds buyer confidence. Third-party graders and authenticators are qualified, experienced professionals who pledge to provide unbiased opinions.

No Reserve: Be careful when setting a reserve price. Buyers may lose interest in an item if they place a bid and find it doesn't meet the reserve. Because they do not know the reserve price, they may assume the seller is simply asking too much for the item. To prevent this from happening, try listing your item with "No Reserve." Items sold with "No Reserve" typically attract more buyer interest, as buyers know that they will actually win the item if they are the high bidder.

If you want to sell sports memorabilia, simply submit images of your collection along with any supporting documentation to Sotheby's through our easy-to-use online platform. Our experienced Sports Specialists will quickly review your special property and let you know whether your item is a good fit for an upcoming auction.

With many options to get an appraisal for your sports memorabilia collection, finding the right service depends on your goals. If you are simply wanting a fair market price for your items, using a free online service can give you a quick idea of what your collection is worth. If you need an accredited appraisal for insurance or tax purposes, finding a certified appraiser will give you official documentation that you can use for these purposes.

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There are a few different ways to sell your sports memorabilia online. Two of the most common are using a marketplace website and selling directly to collectors. Some of the top places to sell sports memorabilia include the following.

If you have high-end items, you may want to consider selling them through an auction house that specializes in sports collectibles. Two of the top sports memorabilia auction houses are Heritage Auctions and SCP Auctions.

Sports memorabilia forums are great places to sell sports memorabilia. These forums often have threads where you can sell your collectibles. They also guide you on what you intend to sell. On these sites you can create a listing for your item and set your price while dealing with buyers directly.

Local antique shops may be interested in purchasing your sports memorabilia. These are an excellent option if you want to get the most money for your item. Local dealers make money by displaying your item in their shop or online store, selling it on your behalf and getting a commission from the sale. However, it can take some research to find a reputable dealer. Make sure to do your due diligence before selling to any local shop. is the quick and easy way to make money selling your memorabilia and collectibles. We'll buy your old baseball, football, basketball memorabilia etc, including cards, autographs and more. Just fill out the form below. After we perform an internal appraisal, we will be in touch.

In the famed "Last Dance" season for the Chicago Bulls, this jersey was worn in the Game 1 loss to the Utah Jazz. Five games, and one famous Jordan shot over Bryon Russell later, Chicago was champion again for the sixth time in eight years.

Less than 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall, the T206 Wagner is, in essence, the story of the entire sports card industry. A tale of scarcity and ego, with a hint of scandal. A coming-of-age saga for a hobby that transformed from a promotion marketed toward kids into an investment opportunity.

The mystery of why there are so few Wagners as compared to other players is the greatest debate within the sports card community -- something collectors love to chew over. One theory suggests the Wagner printing plate broke during production. Another suggests a copyright dispute between the artist and the tobacco company. The most popular and romantic theory, though, has been put forward by Wagner's family and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (which has a T206 Wagner in its collection). They say Wagner didn't want to promote smoking tobacco to children and asked the company to pull his card from production.

Are you in possession of an autographed Beckham Manchester United jersey or Muhammed Ali boxing glove? Was your grandfather present and kept a programme when the Yankees won their first world series in 1923, or purchased a Babe Ruth Home Run ball? If you'd like to get a Sports Memorabilia valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item. If you have other categories of memorabilia - that's fine too!

Sports memorabilia can be defined as any object that is closely related to and gains its value from its relationship to the sports industry and its players. This category of collectibles includes a wide range of objects, the most popular being sporting equipment used and/or signed by athletes (such as balls, bats, and gloves), trading cards, photos, autographs and sports clothes. Basically, sports memorabilia is anything that bears the memory of teams or individual athletes, as well as specific events.

Sports memorabilia that had been authenticated by a reputable expert, dealer or an auction house who certificate them legitimate is a great investment. The market of sports memorabilia is huge right now with its global worth of $26.1 billion today. The research estimates that by 2032 the sports memorabilia market size to reach $227.2 billion. Of course the value of various sports memorabilia is different depending on the current trends and the items ranging from signed helmets for those football fans, to signed basketballs, signed pucks, framed jerseys, game-used items, and more. 041b061a72


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