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Where Can I Buy A Vitamix Blender [EXCLUSIVE]

We recommend the Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender. It's a longtime Serious Eats favorite and features a tapered blending jar that creates a powerful vortex. It has a no-frills, easy to use interface, making it a good choice for cooks who just want a great blender but don't care about presets or digital controls.

where can i buy a vitamix blender

The Vitamix Legacy is the traditional, tried-and-true blender with a classic look and premium performance. All models under the Legacy umbrella come with a 64-ounce container and plastic tamp, and seven-year warranty, plus the intuitive three-switch interface that Vitamix is known for.

This is the first Vitamix blender I owned, and it made for a perfect starter machine. Instead of a speed dial that runs from 1 to 10, the TurboBlend offers a simplified low-medium-high dial as well as a lever for pulsing. Even without the specific numerical power offerings, we found that the three speeds gave me more than enough precision for making nut milk, smoothies, and even mayonnaise.

Leveling up to the A2500 means you get all of the features of the A2300 (including the four color choices), plus three program settings: Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts. The wireless connectivity means that this blender can adapt to include new updates that Vitamix rolls out in the future.

Simplify food prep with this high-performance processor attachment that slices, dices, and chops on your behalf. Like the blender itself, the food processor attachment features stainless-steel blades and cutting discs. The attachment is compatible with the Ascent and Venturist Vitamix series.

Some immersion blenders come with a bunch of different accessories and attachments. Unfortunately, Vitamix requires you to purchase all accessories and attachments separately. Still, you can turn your immersion blender into a whisk or a chopper with these add-ons.

Legacy (Pro Series 750, 7500, 5300, and 5200): Classic Vitamix blender line with some of the highest-rated blenders. Horsepower ranges from 2.0-2.2 and container size varies depending on the blender model. Has very few accessories. Has a 7-year warranty.

Certified Reconditioned: All types of blenders that have been returned for a variety of reasons, inspected with a 17-point check list and repackaged at a fraction of the price. This is where you get the crazy good deals! Comes with a 3-5 year warranty.

Vitamix Days: In 2021, Vitamix hosted a Vitamix Days sale Sept 22-24, 2021. They included several blenders, the Food Cycler, Immersion blender, several containers and more in this big sale.

Holiday Sale: This typically runs for about one month during November/December and includes their Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Container Sale. During this holiday season, you might see $50-$75 off new blenders as well as specific blender sales at steeper discounts. Flash attachment + accessory sales happen throughout the month too.

A great blender should be able to smoothly process tough items like fibrous kale, frozen berries, and ice without burning out the motor. How efficiently a blender does this depends on a combination of the blade length and position, the shape of the mixing jar, and the motor strength. All three of those elements combine to create a vortex that pulls food down around the blade.

Whether you choose a blender with manual controls or preset functions is largely a personal preference. But we appreciate a powerful blender with a simple interface that includes an on/off switch, a pulse button, and a variable-speed dial. These easy controls allow you to quickly adjust the speed or turn off the machine if things get messy.

Additionally, we noted how easy or difficult each blender was to clean, how noisy each model was, whether any of them produced a burning smell while the motor ran, whether the jars were difficult to attach to the bases, and how easy the interfaces were to use.

No high-powered blender we tested could be described as quiet, but we found the noise from the Vitamix to be much less offensive than the high-pitched whine of the Blendtec, and it was quieter than the roar of our runner-up, the Oster Versa.

The Vitamix Explorian E320 is 99% identical to the 5300. A Vitamix customer service representative told us that the two blenders had the same motor base, jar, tamper, and functionality. The main difference between the blenders is that the 5300 has a small on/off switch located just below the control panel. On top of that, the E320 is available only as part of a package with two personal cups and an adapter.

This Oster model, like other high-performance blenders, is a beefy machine. The base takes up 8 by 9 inches of counter space. But at 17 inches tall to the top of the lid, the Oster will fit better on a counter under most kitchen cabinets than the Vitamix or the Cleanblend, both of which are more than 19 inches tall.

In our tests, the Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane struggled to process foods. Blending thick smoothies and peanut butter required adding more liquid, a lot of starting and stopping, and banging the jar on the counter. It did make mayonnaise on the first try, though, unlike the more powerful Cuisinart CBT-2000 Hurricane Pro. But without the Turbo button of the Hurricane Pro (more on that below), this model is just another middle-of-the-road blender.

We've currently tested 13 Vitamix blenders. This manufacturer specializes in full-size blenders that fall on the higher end of the price range for blenders. They're consistently some of the best-built blenders we've tested, and most are available with a U.S. warranty that lasts between five and ten years, compared to the more typical one-year warranty for blenders.

Most full-size Vitamix blenders can hot blend and offer great overall performance, so which is best depends on what design and features you prefer. Some models are dishwasher-safe and offer extras like app connectivity and blending programs, while others have a simpler design with just a speed dial and a switch for pulse mode. They rarely come with accessories like personal jars included, but depending on the model, you can buy extra jars separately.

The Vitamix A3500 is the best Vitamix blender that we've tested. It's among the most expensive blenders from the manufacturer, and it's probably only worth considering if you're interested in a blender with all the bells and whistles. It's part of the 'Ascent' series, so it works with more accessories that are sold separately, including a food processor bowl. These blenders also come with a 10-year U.S. warranty, the longest Vitamix offers, although it depends on where you buy your blender. The 64-ounce jar, lid, and tamper are dishwasher-safe, which isn't the case for every type of Vitamix.

This model does an outstanding job of processing fibrous ingredients, which is important for silky-smooth kale smoothies or pureed broccoli soup. You can use it for hot blending, and it has no issue crushing ice cubes into snow-like ice. Some Vitamix blenders we've tested are easier to use for thicker recipes. You have to use the tamper when making something like nut butter or hummus, but it's still a decently easy process. Its controls include a speed dial, five automatic blending programs, and a button for pulse mode. There's also a programmable timer, which not many blenders have, that lets you set the blender to run for a set time before stopping automatically.

The Vitamix A3300 is the best Vitamix blender in the upper-mid-range we've tested. This model is a good compromise if you want to spend less without sacrificing 'Ascent' features like a dishwasher-safe jar and compatibility with the biggest range of extra accessories. It's also fantastic for crushing ice and processing fibrous ingredients like kale and broccoli, although it takes a little longer to produce similar results. It's also easy to make thicker dips and spreads, although the Vitamix A3500 can make a smoother result.

Like the top pick, it's extremely well-built and comes with a 10-year U.S. warranty (depending on where you buy it). It's a little lighter than the A3500 but lacks that model's metal siding, and you might miss the more premium material at this price point. It has a wide range of speed settings and a pulse mode on its speed dial but no other onboard blending programs. Still, you can access different blending programs by connecting to the companion app. There's also a programmable timer, so you can set the blender to run for a set time.

If extra features like blending programs aren't necessary or you prefer simpler controls, you might want to start your search in the mid-range with the Vitamix 5200. Because of its relatively low price and fantastic overall blending performance, it's our pick for the best blender for smoothies over some pricier options. It stands out from other Vitamix blenders because it has a narrower main pitcher, which helps it process small batches of fibrous ingredients, like when making single-serve smoothies or protein shakes. It's also easier to use for recipes like nut butter.

However, there are some downsides compared to pricier models. It's part of the 'Legacy' series of blenders and comes with a shorter 7-year warranty. It's compatible with many different accessories, sold separately, but not as many as 'Ascent' blenders since you can't buy a food processing bowl. The opaque lid design is a little worse since it doesn't allow you to see down into the blender while it's running. This model is also louder than the previous picks. Its controls consist of a speed dial, a power switch, and a pulse switch, with no blending programs or digital display. If the lack of blending programs is an issue, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 is another Legacy blender with analog controls, but it has a few programs available on its dial. Its wider jar helps it make crushed ice with an even more snow-like texture. That said, it's more expensive and louder.

If you don't want to spend as much, the Vitamix Explorian E310 is a great choice. Vitamix doesn't sell any blenders that are truly 'budget' options, but the Explorian E310 is a good choice if you want the brand's sturdy build quality at the lowest possible price. While Vitamix has a cheaper full-size offering in the Vitamix ONE, it's not great compared to similarly-priced models, especially because it's not very well-built or versatile. The Explorian E310 is more expensive, but it offers fantastic build quality and a very versatile performance since it's just as good as the other picks at producing a smooth puree of fibrous ingredients and processing hard ingredients like nuts. Like all the picks on this list, it's safe for hot blending. 041b061a72


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